How It Works...

When you join the Sticker Club, you will get a discount code that automatically turns the prices of all the stickers in the shop to $0.

Simply add all the stickers you want to your cart right now!

Then go to checkout and the discount code will automatically apply and your cart total will turn to $0!

Every week we release a new sticker set that you can download for free with an active membership!

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Sticker Club Membership

Sticker Club Membership

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The Paper Hearts Sticker Club is a membership that gives you instant access to download every sticker and widget set in our shop.

Plus you get a new sticker set every week!

Once you become a member of the sticker club, you will be emailed a unique discount code that will turn the prices of your stickers to $0 at checkout.

Be sure to check your email after signing up.

Then simply add the stickers you want to cart and checkout without paying anything extra!

As a sticker club member, instead of paying $5-$6 dollars a set, you instead get over 200 sets plus 6 new sets a month for $15 dollars a month!

Don't miss this incredible value!

After signing up, you will be charged according to the plan you selected.

You may choose monthly, quarterly, or yearly and may cancel anytime. If you cancel, you will retain access to any purchases prior to cancelling within your account.

All purchases are final.

Download Info

After checking out, you will receive a link in your email to download your files. As well as on the checkout page.

You can also always access your downloads by going to your account.

Returns & Refunds

Due to the nature of the products, no refunds are given.

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⭐️ FAQ ⭐️

How Do Payments Work?

On the day you sign up, you will be initially charged $15 dollars.

You will continue to be charged $15 dollars as long as your membership remains active.

What Kind Of Files Will I Receive?

Each sticker set comes with a Goodnotes file for Goodnotes users and PNG's for all other apps.

Does Joining The Club Now Give You Access To All Previously Released Packs? Or Just New Ones Going Forward?

When you join the club, you have access to all of the stickers in our store. Plus each new set going forward. As long as your membership is active, you can download any sticker set.

When Will I Get New Stickers?

We will email you each week when a new set is released.

Can I Redownload Stickers?

Yes! All the stickers you download will be stored in your account where you can redownload them anytime.

Can I Cancel My Membership Anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime! However we make no guarantees that if you sign back up that the same payment options will be available.

What Day Will I Be Billed On?

Your billing date will be the same as the date you signed up on. So if you join the club on the 10th, your payment will automatically draft the 10th of each month.

Can I Print & Cut The Stickers?

Yes you can print and cut the PNGs. But printing them and cutting them is not the original intent for the stickers. We do not offer any support on how to print and cut. We also do not share or sell cut files for our stickers.

Can I Share The Stickers? Or Resell Them?

Our stickers are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

They cannot be shared, resold, or redistributed.

Violating our terms will result in membership cancellation and legal action.

Can I Pay With Paypal?

Yes You Can!

Just be sure if you cancel your membership, that you also cancel it within Paypal.

Do You Have Tutorials?

Yes! We have tutorials that show you how to use digital stickers on an iPad and Android. You can find them by clicking our tutorials link below.