Meet Lindsay ✨

Hey there! 👋

I'm Lindsay, the digital planner and sticker creator behind Paper Hearts Planner Co.

✨ I'm on a mission to make your planning life not just organized but also ridiculously cute! 🎨

Whether it's designing adorable stickers or crafting beautifully functional digital planners, I pour my heart into every pixel.

Let's turn your digital space into a whimsical wonderland of plans and stickers together! 🌟📚💖

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    In looooove......

    I absolutely love them. I have been looking for digital stickers that are this unique and am so glad I have found them.


    Thanks gorgeous!

    We all appreciate you so very much and we do recognize all your hard work and how much you truly do love your business and customers! So THANK YOU so much.. seriously! You are the most amazing, kind hearted, dedicated and giving business owner I have ever seen! I have so much respect for you!


    Completely in Love

    I absolutely love the sticker club & I recently switched to your planner which I am completely in love with since I enjoy expressing myself in my planner. 100% recommend this company.


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